Digital Voice Recorder:

Digital voice recorders are used to conduct Electronic Voice Pheonomena (EVP) with the spirit(s) or entity.  The voices are captured on the recorder, but not heard at the time.


Hand held Digital High Definition Camcorder:

The high def camcorder is infrared (IR) compatable and used so that the investigators can record locations giving them the ability to review video on the spot to verify possible evidence.


Digital Video Recorder (DRV):

The DVR system allows the investigators to set up IR cameras around to monitor potential "hot spots" of the location with the intentions to catching any paranormal activity that may occur.


PSB-7 Spirit Box (spirit box):

The spirit box is a device that sweeps through frequency creating "white noice" distrubuted between frequency steps.  It is mainly used for spirits/entities to give consistant and relevant responses to specific questions.


Electromagnetic Pump (EM pump):

Theories suggest that certain energy, electromagnetic, can provide enough energy for spirits/entities to communicate with us or in order for them to manifest.


Mel-Rem Meter:

This device monitors the AC/DC EMF disturbances and temperatures with a precision thermocouple sensor.  Also uses a mini telescope antenna that radiates independant EM field.  Once that field is interrupted by conductive materials, audible alarms with led's alerting the investigator(s).


Therml Imagear:

Theory is that the paranormal surrounds around extreme temperature fluctuations, thermal imaging allows the investigators to see these changes and possible apparitions.

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